Meet The Team

Frank - Owner

Frank sports the most titles here at Green To Ground. Owner, Estimator, Boss, and friend! Frank brings over 18 years of electrical experience to the company, as well a Master Electricians license, and a Class “A” contractor’s license. He loves his dogs, the Miami Dolphins (he can’t be perfect- we know), and volunteering his time in the community. He took the leap to create Green To Ground in 2019, and hasn’t stopped moving since. He strives to constantly support and uplift his employees whilst forming meaningful client relationships.

Wayland - Field Operations Manager

Wayland may have wanted to be a stuntman when he grew up, but instead he resides as our Field Supervisor. He has his Journeyman’s License, and 16 years of experience. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and woodworking. Green To Ground keeps him busy though, managing projects and ensuring our high standards are met at every corner. His tact and ability to plan ahead make him a great team leader.

Jeff - Lead Technician

Jeff hails to us from West Virginia. He has been an Electrician for 8 years and is dedicated to achieving perfection on every project he touches. He has 4 cats that he loves: Morticia, Winifred, Obling, and Void. If he isn’t involved in one of Green To Grounds new construction projects, he likes to go mushroom hunting. His love for live music transfers over into his go with the flow nature at work.

Nick - Lead Technician

Nick grew up right outside of the Shenandoah Valley. He has worked in the field for over 10 years, with 4 years of official schooling under his belt. He transitioned from performing mostly commercial electrical work, to finessing residential builds with Green To Ground. His work ethic and attention to detail make him an integral part of the family.

Jake - Electrical Apprentice / Marketing

Jake is our jack of all trades. He is a level 3 apprentice and our marketing coordinator. You can find him working alongside one of our electricians, or a local event in the community. Jake wanted to be a professional Baseball player when he grew up, but instead is an all-star team player for us at Green To Ground.

James - Electrical Apprentice

James is our youngest employee, but one of the most hardworking. He is a level 3 apprentice, and the sidekick to our service call extraordinaire. He really is the Barnacle Boy to our Mermaid man! When James isn’t working or going to school, he enjoys playing basketball and camping. He reminds us here at Green To Ground what true work ethic in your youth looks like!

Josh - Electrical Apprentice

Josh may be new to the Green To Ground scene, but he’s been working on job sites with Frank since ’16. In active pursuit of his Journeyman’s license, he is a rising star for our company. He is our resident sneakerhead, keeping us all on our toes with his fashion forward trends. If you see a G2G team member with a mullet, I promise, it’s in style.

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